North Carolina State Board of Certified Public Accountant Examiners


The Communications section of the Board is responsible for promoting greater knowledge and understanding of the Board’s activities by preparing and distributing publications and information. These publications, such as the Board’s monthly newsletter, the Activity Review, provide applicants, licensees, the public, and interested third parties with information about the Board’s activities. The Communications section maintains the content of the Board’s website and manages its social media presence (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram). The Communications section is also responsible for writing and editing many of the reports, brochures, press releases, and publications released by the Board. Additional duties of the Communications Section include assisting the Executive Staff with preparing documents for the monthly Board meetings, responding to requests for public record information, researching issues of interest to the Board, and assisting with the promulgation of in-office documents.

Contacting the Communications Staff

Lisa R. Hearne-Bogle, Communications Officer, (919) 733-4208

Mailing Address
NC State Board of CPA Examiners
PO Box 12827
Raleigh, NC 27605-2827


The Activity Review, the Board’s monthly newsletter, is provided at no charge to licensees, Examination candidates, educators, accounting-related organizations, and other interested parties.  The newsletter is the primary means by which these individuals are informed of the Board’s activities. In addition to covering disciplinary actions, licensing activities, and upcoming deadlines, the Activity Review also discusses topics of interest to the accounting profession and students. The newsletter is sent by email unless a licensee or candidate requests a hard copy of the Activity Review.  Members of the public and inactive licensees may subscribe to the newsletter by sending an email to the Board’s Communications Officer; be sure to include your full name and email address in your request. Recent issues of the newsletter are available on this website.

Press Releases

To keep the public abreast of the Board’s activities, periodic press releases, such as new CPAs and successful Exam candidates, are distributed statewide to many newspapers, schools, colleges, and other members of the business community. A list of recent press releases is available on the Press Releases page.

Register of NC CPAs

NCGS 93B-3, Register of persons licensed; information as to licensed status of individuals,” requires that the Board  make available a register of all persons currently licensed by the Board and that the register be updated annually by listing the changes made in it by reason of new licenses issued, licenses revoked or suspended, death, or any other cause. In addition, the Board shall, upon request of any citizen of the State, inform the requesting person as to the licensed status of any individual.

To fulfill the requirements of NCGS 93B-3, the Board makes the public record portions of its database available through this website. The online public database is constructed using information provided to the Board by its licensees, and as such, is only as accurate as the information provided by each licensee. The database updates in real time; however, there may be occasional delays in updating the information. The Board does not guarantee the use of this information database is not an official endorsement of any licensee or CPA firm.

Consistent with NCGS 93B-3, the Board makes a “Register of Active North Carolina CPAs” available. The Register is $75 (payable by check) and is provided as an Excel document. The Register contains the following public record information on CPAs:

In the context of the Board’s records, a licensee’s email address is not a public record and is not part of the Register. The Register does not include those individuals who are on inactive, retired, suspended, revoked, or surrendered status. To purchase a copy of the Register, please complete this form and send it and payment to Communications Officer, State Board of CPA Examiners, PO Box 12827, Raleigh, NC 27605.

If you need a list of CPA firms registered with the Board, please contact the Communications Officer.


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