2024 CPA Exam

Did you know the CPA Exam is changing significantly in January 2024? If you pass and retain credit for all four CPA Exam sections by December 31, 2023, the changes to the CPA Exam and its future administration will not impact your journey to CPA licensure. But, if you will still be working through the CPA Exam in January 2024 and beyond, you must understand how the CPA Evolution-aligned CPA Exam (the 2024 Exam) and its administration will impact you.

The 2024 Exam is a Core + Discipline model. It will have a three-section “core” of Financial Auditing and Reporting (FAR), Auditing and Attestation (AUD), and Taxation and Regulation (REG) that all candidates must complete. Then, each candidate must choose one “discipline” section to complete. The new discipline sections replace BEC and reflect three pillars of the CPA profession:

  • Business analysis and reporting (BAR)
  • Information systems and controls (ISC)
  • Tax compliance and planning (TCP)

Candidates with credit for AUD, FAR, or REG on the current Exam will not need to take the corresponding new core section of AUD, FAR, or REG on the 2024 Exam. Candidates with credit for BEC on the current Exam will not need to take a discipline section. It is important to note that none of the sections of the current CPA Exam will be available for testing after December 31, 2023. There is a hard cutover from the existing Exam sections to the 2024 Exam sections on the January 2024 launch.

If a candidate loses credit for AUD, FAR, or REG after December 31, 2023, they must take the corresponding section of AUD, FAR, or REG on the new Exam. A candidate who loses credit for BEC after December 31, 2023, must take one of the three discipline sections.

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