June 20, 2023, Rulemaking Hearing

The State Board of CPA Examiners (Board) will conduct a Rulemaking Hearing on June 20, 2023, at 10:00 a.m. to consider changes to 21 NCAC 08, Certified Public Accountant Examiners. Rules proposed for amendment are 21 NCAC 08F .0103, .0105, .0401, .0410; 08H .0101; 08M .0105; 08N .0205, .0209, .0211, .0215, .0304-.0305, .0307-.0309, .0403-.0406, and .0409-.0410. Rules proposed for adoption are 21 NCAC 08J .0112; and 08N .0411-.0412.

The North Carolina Office of Administrative Hearings published the proposed changes in the April 17, 2023, issue of the North Carolina Register.  New language is indicated by an underline, and deleted language is indicated by a strike-through.

Interested parties are encouraged to attend the Hearing to make oral comments or present written testimony on the proposed changes. If you plan to attend the Hearing to speak on the rules, you must notify the Board’s Executive Director, David R. Nance, CPA, by email by 5:00 p.m., June 12, 2023. In your notification, please indicate which rules you will speak on and if you agree with or oppose the proposed changes.

If you do not plan to attend the Hearing, but wish to submit comments, you must provide one copy of the written testimony to the Board’s Executive Director, David R. Nance, CPA, by 5:00 p.m., June 16, 2023. Your testimony must indicate which rules you are addressing and if you support or oppose the proposed changes.  Written testimony on the rules may be submitted by mail, email, or fax.

MAIL: Rulemaking Comments, State Board of CPA Examiners, PO Box 12827, Raleigh NC 27605

EMAIL: dnance@nccpaboard.gov

FAX: (919) 733-4209, ATTN. David R. Nance, CPA

No fiscal note is required regarding these proposed rules as there is no fiscal impact on any local, state, state budget, or federal funds. No federal certification of these proposed rule changes is required as these rules are not mandated by any federal statutes or rules.

Published to nccpaboard.gov on 04/17/2023 in accordance with NCGS 150B-19.