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Forms & Applications

2022 Fee Schedule 

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Forms for License Applicants & CPAs
Inactive Status (Online Submission)
Inactive Status (PDF)
Application for CPA-retired Status
150-Semester Hour Worksheet
Accountancy Law Course Information
Affidavit of Lost or Destroyed CPA Certificate
Application for Transfer of Credit for Passing All or Part of the Uniform CPA Exam in Another Jurisdiction
Authorization for Interstate Exchange of Examination-Licensure Information
CPE Extension Request
Declaration of Intention to Become a US Citizen
Employee Fair Classification Act Statement
Ethnicity and Gender Questionnaire
Experience Affidavit
Experience Affidavit: Part-Time Employment
Experience Affidavit: Self-Employed
Experience Affidavit: Teaching
Moral Character Form
Address Change: Individual CPA (PDF)
Address Change: Individual CPA (Online)
Original Certificate Application Package
Reciprocal Certificate Application Package
Reinstate Certificate to Active Status from Inactive
Report of CPE for Amending CPE Report
Report of CPE for CPE Audit
Report of CPE for Reinstatement or Reissuance of Certificate
Forms for CPA Exam Applicants
Initial Exam Application
Re-Exam Application
ADA Accommodation History
ADA Eligibility Questionnaire
Disability and ADA Accommodation Verification
ADA Policy & Procedure
ADA Disability: Professional Evaluation and Documentation
Application for ADA Accommodations
Declaration of Intention to Become a US Citizen
Address Change: Exam Candidate
Ethnicity and Gender Questionnaire
Forms for CPA Firms
Affidavit of Lost CPA Firm Registration Certificate
Amend Domestic CPA Firm Name
Amend Foreign PC or PLLC CPA Firm Name
Convert Business Corporation to Professional Corporation
Foreign Limited Liability Partnership Registration
Foreign Professional Corporation Registration
Foreign Professional Limited Liability Company Registration
Individual Practitioner Registration
Limited Liability Partnership Registration
Merge Professional Corporations
Merge Professional Limited Liability Companies
Notice of New Owner in Partnership, Professional Corp., or Professional Limited Liability Company
Partnership Registration
Professional Corporation Registration
Professional Limited Liability Company Registration
Register an Additional Office of CPA Firm
Address Change: CPA Firm (PDF)
Address Change: CPA Firm (Online)
Notice of Intent to Practice: Out-of-State Firm
Administrative Forms
Credit/Debit Card Payment Authorization
Register of NC CPAs or NC CPA Firms
NC CPA Board W-9 (Taxpayer ID Number)
Complaint-Related Documents
Complaint Form (Online Submission)
Complaint Form (PDF)


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