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NCGS Chapter 105 – Taxation

Sec. 105-41. Attorneys-at-law and other professionals.

(a) Every individual in this State who practices a profession or engages in a business and is included in the list below must obtain from the Secretary a statewide license for the privilege of practicing the profession or engaging in the business. A license required by this section is not transferable to another person. The tax for each license is fifty dollars ($50.00).

(c) Every person engaged in the public practice of accounting as a principal, or as a manager of the business of public accountant, shall pay for such license fifty dollars ($50.00), and in addition shall pay a license of twelve dollars and fifty cents ($12.50) for each person employed who is engaged in the capacity of supervising or handling the work of auditing, devising or installing systems of accounts.

(e) Licenses issued under this section are issued as personal privilege licenses and shall not be issued in the name of a firm or corporation.

(h) Counties and cities may not levy any license tax on the business or professions taxed under this section.

(i) Obtaining a license required by this Article does not of itself authorize the practice of a profession, business, or trade for which a State qualification license is required.


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