NCGS Chapter 93B – Occupational Licensing Boards

Sec. 93B-1. Definitions.

As used in this Chapter, the following definitions apply:

  1. License.–Any license (other than a privilege license), certificate, or other evidence of qualification which an individual is required to obtain before he may engage in or represent himself to be a member of a particular profession or occupation.
  2. Occupational licensing board.–Any board, committee, commission, or other agency in North Carolina which is established for the primary purpose of regulating the entry of persons into, and the conduct of persons within, a particular profession or occupation, and which is authorized to issue licenses. The phrase “occupational licensing” board does not include State agencies, staffed by full-time State employees, which as a part of their regular functions may issue licenses.
  3. State agency licensing board.–Any State agency staffed by full‑time State employees, which as part of their regular functions issue licenses. This section does not apply to the North Carolina Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission and the North Carolina Sheriffs’ Education and Training Standards Commission.