NCGS Chapter 55B – Professional Corporation Act

Sec. 55B-2. Definitions.

As used in this Chapter, the following words shall, unless the context requires otherwise, have the following meanings:

  1. “Disqualified person” means a licensed person who for any reason becomes legally disqualified to render the same professional services which are or were being rendered by the professional corporation of which such person is an officer, director, shareholder or employee.
  2. “Licensee” means any natural person who is duly licensed by the appropriate licensing board to render the same professional services which will be rendered by the professional corporation of which he is, or intends to become, an officer, director, shareholder or employee.
  3. “Licensing board” means a board which is charged with the licensing and regulating of the profession or practice in this State in which the professional corporation is organized to engage.
  4. The term “licensing board,” as the same applies to attorneys at law, shall mean the Council of the North Carolina State Bar, and it shall include the North Carolina State Board of Law Examiners only to the extent that the North Carolina Board of Law Examiners is authorized to issue licenses for the practice of law under the supervision of the Council of the North Carolina State Bar.
  5. “Professional corporation” means a corporation which is engaged in rendering the professional services as herein specified and defined, pursuant to a certificate of registration issued by the Licensing Board regulating the profession or practice, and which has as its shareholders only those individuals permitted by G.S. 55B‑6 of this Chapter to be shareholders and which designates itself as may be required by this statute, and which is organized under the provisions of this Chapter and of Chapter 55, the North Carolina Business Corporation Act.
  6. The term “professional service” means any type of personal or professional service of the public which requires as a condition precedent to the rendering of such service the obtaining of a license from a licensing board as herein defined, and pursuant to the following provisions of the General Statutes: Chapter 83A, “Architects”; Chapter 84, “Attorneys-at-Law”; Chapter 93, “Public Accountants”; and the following Articles in Chapter 90: Article 1, “Practice of Medicine,” Article 2, “Dentistry,” Article 6, “Optometry,” Article 7, “Osteopathy,” Article 8, “Chiropractic,” Article 9A, “Nursing Practice Act,” with regard to registered nurses, Article 11, “Veterinarians,” Article 12A, “Podiatrists,” Article 18A, “Practicing Psychologists,” Article 18C, “Marriage and Family Therapy Licensure,” Article 18D, “Occupational Therapy,” and Article 24, “Licensed Professional Counselors”; Chapter 89C, “Engineering and Land Surveying”; Chapter 89A, “Landscape Architects”; Chapter 90B, “Social Worker Certification and Licensure Act” with regard to Certified [Licensed] Clinical Social Workers as defined by G.S. 90B-3; Chapter 89E, “Geologists”; Chapter 89B, “Foresters”; and Chapter 89F, “North Carolina Soil Scientist Licensing Act.”