NCGS Chapter 59 – Partnership

Sec. 59-84.4. Annual report for Secretary of State.

  1. Each registered limited liability partnership and each foreign limited liability partnership authorized to transact business in this State shall deliver to the Secretary of State for filing an annual report, in a form prescribed by the Secretary of State, that sets forth all of the following:
    1. The name of the registered limited liability partnership or foreign limited liability partnership and the state or country under whose law it is formed.
    2. The street address, and the mailing address if different from the street address, of the registered office, the county in which the registered office is located, and the name of its registered agent at that office in this State, and a statement of any change of the registered office or registered agent, or both.
    3. The street address and telephone number of its principal office.
    4. A brief description of the nature of its business.
    5. The fiscal year end of the partnership.

If the information contained in the most recently filed annual report has not changed, a certification to that effect may be made instead of setting forth the information required by subdivisions (2) through (4) of this subsection. The Secretary of State shall make available the form required to file an annual report.