NCAC Subchapter 08F – Requirements for Certified Public Accountant Examination and Certificate Applicants

Section .0300 Educational Requirements for Examination

21 NCAC 08F .0302 Education and Work Experience Required Prior to CPA Exam

  1. Applicants who intend to demonstrate their possession of sufficient education to become a CPA by showing that they possess a bachelor’s degree shall submit official transcripts with their application to take the CPA examination.  Official transcripts shall show the grades the applicant received on courses completed and shall also show degrees awarded.  An official transcript bears the seal of the school and the signature of the registrar or assistant registrar.
  2. The Board may approve an application to take the CPA examination prior to the receipt of a bachelor’s degree, if:
    1. the concentration in accounting that shall be included in or supplement the bachelor’s degree is already complete or is reasonably expected to be completed by the end of the school term within which the examination falls; and
    2. an applicant reasonably expects to receive the bachelor’s degree within 120 days after the application is received by the Board. However, if the applicant fails to receive the degree within the specified time, the CPA examination grades shall not be released and if the applicant wishes to retake the examination, the applicant shall reapply.

21 NCAC 08F .0303 Semester Hour Equivalent

One quarter hour of undergraduate study shall equal two-thirds of a semester hour.