NCAC Subchapter 08B - Rule-Making Procedures

Section .0300 Hearings

21 NCAC 08B .0304 Oral Presentation

Upon receipt of a request to make an oral presentation at a rule making hearing, the Executive Director will acknowledge receipt of the request and inform the person making the request of any limitations deemed necessary to achieve a full and effective public hearing on the proposed rule.

21 NCAC 08B .0307 Control of Rule Making Hearings

  1. The presiding officer of a rule making hearing shall have complete control of the proceedings including the following:
    1. extension of any deadlines,
    2. rescheduling a hearing time, as announced at the published hearing, and continuation of any hearing,
    3. limitations for individual presentations,
    4. recognition of speakers, and
    5. direction of the flow of discussion and the management of the hearing.
  2. The presiding officer at all times shall take care that each person participating in the hearing is given a fair opportunity to present views, data and comments.