North Carolina State Board of Certified Public Accountant Examiners

Register of North Carolina CPAs

NCGS 93B-3“Register of persons licensed; information as to licensed status of individuals,” requires that the Board make available a register of all persons currently licensed by the Board and that the register be updated annually by listing the changes made in it by reason of new licenses issued, licenses revoked or suspended, death, or any other cause. In addition, the Board shall, upon request of any citizen of the State, inform the requesting person as to the licensed status of any individual.

To fulfill the requirements of NCGS 93B-3, the Board has made the public record portions of its database available through this website. The online public database is constructed using the information provided to the Board by its licensees, and as such, is only as accurate as the information provided by each licensee. The database is generally updated in real-time; however, there may be occasional delays in updating the information. The Board does not guarantee the use of this information and the information obtained from this database is not an official endorsement of any licensee or CPA firm.

Consistent with NCGS 93B-3, the Board does make available a “Register of Active North Carolina CPAs.” The Register is $75 (payable by check) and is provided as an Excel document. The Register contains the following public record information:

In the context of the Board’s records, a licensee’s email address is not a public record and is not part of the Register. The Register does not include those individuals who are on inactive, retired, suspended, revoked, or surrendered status. To purchase a copy of the Register, please complete this form and send it and payment to Communications Officer, State Board of CPA Examiners, PO Box 12827, Raleigh, NC 27605.

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