Subchapter 08H – Reciprocity

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Section .0100 – Requirements

21 NCAC 08H .0101 Reciprocal Certificates

(a) A person from another jurisdiction who desires to offer or render professional services as a CPA to his or her employer or a client in this State shall meet all the requirements imposed on an applicant under G.S. 93-12(5) or the requirements of G.S. 93-12(6).

(b) The fee for a reciprocal certificate shall be the maximum amount allowed by G.S. 93-12(7a).

(c) An applicant for a reciprocal certificate shall meet the following requirements:

(1) The applicant has the legal authority to use the CPA title and to practice public accountancy in a jurisdiction.

(2) The applicant has received a passing score on each part of the Uniform CPA Examination.

21 NCAC 08H .0102 Temporary Permit

(a) The Board may grant temporary permits only to applicants for reciprocal certificates pending their qualification under 21 NCAC 08H .0101 and application to the Board on forms provided by the Board.

(b) Upon approval of a temporary permit, the Board will issue the applicant a statement confirming that the CPA is in good standing in the state issuing the CPA’s certificate and is entitled temporarily to use the CPA title and engage in the public practice of accountancy in North Carolina for a stated period. The stated period shall expire 120 days after issue or upon issuance of the individual’s reciprocal certificate, whichever comes first.

21 NCAC 08H .0104 Notice to Board of Discipline by Other Agency

Any applicant for or holder of a temporary permit or reciprocal certificate issued by this Board shall also comply with the reporting requirements listed in 21 NCAC 08N .0208.