Administrative Services

The Administrative Services Section is responsible for the internal operation of the office for functions such as accounting and purchasing and serves as the primary point of contact for the public. The Accounting Specialist is responsible for the Board’s general accounting and administrative functions. The Administrative Specialist serves as the Board’s receptionist and assists all other sections of the Board as needed.

Contacting the Administrative Services Staff

Felecia Ashe, Accounting Specialist, (919) 733-4223

Vanessia Willett, Administrative Specialist, (919) 733-4222

Tax ID Number

Each year, the Board processes thousands of Exam applications, firm registrations and renewals, as well as certificate applications and renewals. Each of these transactions involves the payment of a fee, either by check or credit card, and subsequently the Board receives hundreds of requests to complete an IRS Form W-9, Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification. For a copy of the Board’s W-9, please contact Felecia Ashe, Accounting Specialist.