The North Carolina State Board of CPA Examiners (the Board) divides applicants into two categories: Uniform CPA Exam applicants and CPA license applicants.

The Exam Applicants page explains the general process for applying to take the Uniform CPA Exam as a North Carolina candidate. This page also covers Exam-related topics such as preparing to take the Exam, the distribution of score notices (grades), and the process for requesting a review or repeal of a score notice. Wondering if you qualify to sit for the Exam as a North Carolina candidate? This short video gives a synopsis of the general requirements, but you should review the rules and statutes for the specifics.

A new version of the Exam launched April 1, 2017. NASBA has created a video that discusses some of the changes to the Exam. The AICPA has also created a video about the next version of the Exam and has much more information about the Exam on its website. The NCACPA also has information/videos on its student page.

The License Applicants page explains the general process for becoming a North Carolina CPA. This page discusses the education, work experience, and ethics requirements for receiving an original North Carolina CPA license. This page also explains the requirements for obtaining a North Carolina CPA license through reciprocity. In addition, this page includes information

regarding the practice privilege  for individuals (mobility), the use of the CPA title, and the Board’s agreements with various Institutes of Chartered Accountants.

Uniform CPA Exam Applicants & License Applicants:    Check the Status of Your Exam or License Application